Xposed Platform

Xposed Platform: Xposed Platform is a professional platform based in Utrecht reaching out to young makers, performers, visual artists, writers, actors, musicians, dancers and critical thinkers interacting with one another artistically whilst building and strengthening living working networks and audiences within our global community as well as in our own multicultural community in Utrecht and surroundings. It particularly targets a diversity of young people as from the age of 16 years (makers, youths, young professionals) and youth community groups whom we feel could particularly benefit from it. In 2019 a two weeks exchange programme was organised with diverse artists from different backgrounds whereby we engaged the young makers, youths and performers in devising a multi and cross disciplinary devised dance and performance piece based on workshops, montages, dramaturgy, storyline, making, choreography, experimental ethnography and discussions as part of the creative process while also engaging with community groups in the neighborhood through workshops and activities. Xposed Platform believes in the power of using arts as medium for integration and engagement in our communies. Would you like to get involved? Please send us a message. 

More: https://www.facebook.com/xposedplatform/

Watch the full documentary about Xposed Xchange 2019 for an impression of the Xposed Platform.

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