Xposed – creating a living network of young dancers and community artists

Xposed aims to empower young talents from diverse social economic backgrounds in their journey towards professionalism by means of international exchange experiences. We work towards sustainable partnerships between involved participants and organizations.

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This year Xposed is organizing its first edition Xposed 2018: an international exchange that will take place from October 7 until October 21 in Utrecht (West), The Netherlands. Raw upcoming local and international talents will gather in Utrecht to share their stories and knowledge through dance and theater. Organized by the participants themselves, it is all about supporting and learning from each other and developing professional skills to support ALL youth to grow and be able to fully participate in a global society.

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On Jijmaakthetmee.nl we submitted a project plan for the Fund for Cultural Participation (Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie). After weeks of redrafting and rewriting it is admitted to move: de Beslis Mee Fase, where the public is asked to give their opinion by giving stars. We need at least 75 stars to get our project in to the next phase, where the fund will decide whether we do or do not get financial support! We would really appreciate your help!