When: Saturday 7th May 17.00 – 18.30

Where: University College Theatre, Maupertuusplein 1, 3584 EE Utrecht

Link, Future Me and Ubuntu house present: theatre performance and free dinner

LINK & Future Me (theatre organizations) are collaborating with the Ubuntu home (day centre for homeless and undocumented people) and Utrecht University. In a short rehearsal period, everyone looked for each other’s similarities, what the meaning of a day can be, and how we deal with everything we encounter on the way.

A day like any other day. A day in which nothing is fixed and everything is possible. In which we flee, fight, laugh and sing. C’est la Vie casts a glimpse into the lives of people who do not avoid confrontation, but keep fighting.

After the performance there will be some time to chat with the performers, while discussing the stigma related to homelessness and the impact a project like this might have. Furthermore, there will be a FREE DINNER cooked by the ubuntu-guys themselves.

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